Sunday Service

After the first 4 Premiership matches I was looking a trifle sad, with only 2 right calls.

The Falcons & Tigers completed strong away wins that rather sodded up my score. Both games were expected to be close and usually it’s safe to go with the home side!

Sunday was better and I got both right with a homer for the Chiefs and with the Saints winning at the Madejski.

So 4 from 6 mirrored my R3 performance but overall I have a cumulative record this season of less than 60% 😱

At this rate it would have been monumentally stupid for me to have joined the Superbru prediction game. Which of course I did!

This week’s results and tables aren’t out yet, but I anticipate that I will have tumbled further down the rankings.

I may share the results with you tomorrow – you look like you could do with a laugh!



In the 4 Premiership rounds to date I have yet to get the Bath result correct.

At the Rec (wreck?) yesterday they gave Newcastle a 19-0 start & I feared the worst.

Imagine my delight when the BT commentators announced that Todd Blackadder’s side had turned it around and were leading 32-19, well into the final quarter. I was feeling pretty smug – well, for about 3 minutes anyway!

At the time I was watching Quins v the Tigers and again I had opted for a home win. I would have got it too, if Quins hadn’t missed more tackles than I’ve had hot dates (a hell of a lot more, obviously).

The upshot is that I have just 2 from 4 going into Sunday’s games and could end up having a lot fewer right guesses than Homer Simpson has fingers!

Growing Pains

Yet another voice has been added to the growing concern that the Pro14 should be careful about expanding too quickly-

This is quite prophetic seeing as how Leinster lost last night to the Cheetahs.

The idea that adding teams from the States, Germany and Spain is inevitable seems to me to be a tad premature. It will be interesting to see how the Pro14 develops over the next two seasons. More knowledgeable voices than mine (not hard to be fair) have already urged caution on growing too fast.

Super rugby experience should be heeded!