About – Where you can read why I’m doing this

I actually stopped adding to this blog earlier this year on 11th April (see ‘The Last Post’).

The detail below tells  why I started it almost 5 years ago – ‘The Last Post’ explains why I’ve stopped.

I’m a 60 something (which sounds marginally less embarrassing than ‘pushing 70’) and a former rugby player with fond memories of mates and events playing what passed for rugby at Askeans from 1966 until somewhere in the late nineties. I’m sure that some, if not many of these recollections have become exaggerated – an indulgence that is directly connected to my age and the many injuries I picked up whilst chasing odd shaped balls and frequently even odder shaped blokes (although only on the pitch obviously!)

In the unlikely event that you decide to read this stuff , I suggest that you go to the first post (Headed – ‘What this is all about’) and work your way forward to the latest entry. You don’t have to do this on every visit obviously (yeah right – like you’ll be coming back – well, not without a good dose of rhohypnal anyway)

It actually starts on July 13th 2013 and there have been almost 4,000 stories and even more pics since then (although by the time anyone bothers to read this bit it will probably be a lot more!)
Staggeringly this rubbish has now been viewed nearly 150,000 times and in some 172 different countries around the world (I know, me either! Only 24 to go to get a full house.)

Whilst it started just as my memories of Askeans it has inevitably wandered into other areas where I like to take the piss – even Askeans don’t have that many good stories! Or any to be honest!

Anyway, reading from the beginning may make a bit more sense as the thing is meant to be sort of chronological.

I’d originally planned it to be a book – it’s here because no publisher in their right mind is likely to be interested. If they had there’s enough material here now to fill a sequel, that difficult third anthology (as described by proper writers who want to promote themselves – twats) and a prequel as well.

I don’t know if you dedicate blogs the way you do books, but I’m going to anyway!

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful wife Terry and our kids  (Helen – known as Lell and Rich – known as Rich). Also Rich’s lovely wife Silvana and our gorgeous grandchildren Annalia and Rafa



Terry tolerated me for more than 50 years, my kids so far slightly less.

None of this would have been possible if someone had given her a copy of ‘Never marry a rugby player’ back in the 1960s. I hope it wasn’t something she ever regretted.


11 thoughts on “About – Where you can read why I’m doing this

  1. Hi,

    I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been reading your blog for more than couple of months and now I have learned a lot. It’s a tough job to keep a blog going and I truly appreciate it. I really like to submit my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link. Please let me know your interest in accepting guest posts for free of cost and I’m ready to discuss my contents with you, I promise you with quality and 100% plagiarism free content.
    I am looking forward to get your reply.

    Thank You,
    Kevin P Stone

    • Kevin hi, I’ve been thinking about your request – I am happy to add a link to your website here, but the blog is personal and i am not planning to add guest posts. Hope you understand.
      Send me the link and I will add to the blog, rugbyoldbloke

  2. David, I have put a link to your blog on my blog – it will certainly shake some of the religious who occasionally look at my writings if the cross-link to yours! Still our lives are and have been a rich tapestry. I am hoping that as I read through the back postings I will find some inspiration for a homily or two. I have in the past mentioned some obscure sixties bands and Timothy Leary the high priest of LSD, so getting some rugby stories will be an interesting challenge!
    Take care my friend

  3. Shutey,

    I came across your blog entirely by accident and glad I did – great to read your posts and that 76/77 picture made me smile. Think I was 18 in my first season. Haven’t been to an Askeans game for 30 years I reckon but great memories


    Alex Mitchell

  4. Just discovered your excellent, fascinating blog quite by chance. My own rugby playing days were spent just down the road from Askeans at Thames Poly RFC, known as Woolwich Poly just prior to my joining and Greenwich Academicals once I’d been pensioned off.

    I played at Thames Poly with both John Long and Steve Milward whom I’ve seen references to on your blog. They were kids when I played with them but you could see that they were both destined to progress to better things as indeed they did.

    A touching tribute to Steve Dunmore. I was privileged to meet him on a few occasions in a non-rugby context many years ago but once we discovered the common interest we had some enjoyable conversations.

    Thanks again for an enjoyable blog. I will visit it again.

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  6. I came across your blog recently while trying to find the whereabouts of my brother Mark Gregory who played for you in the mid to late 70s. We lost touch nearly 30 years ago but would be interested to hear if you or any of your other bloggers have any information. I enjoyed your blog very much, keep up the good work.

    Simon Gregory

  7. Simon hi, thanks for your note. I haven’t seen Mark for almost as long – I probably last played with him back in the late 80s.
    The guy who may know how you can get in touch is Steve Homewood – his e-mail is Steve.Homewood1@towergate.co.uk
    Steve is still involved with the club and has the most contacts.
    Good luck, Shutey

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