No Injury Time

A new study from the University of Bath and Rugby England is designed to help reduce the number of injuries in rugby.

A series of exercises performed before rugby matches can dramatically reduce injury, according to a benchmark study that the game’s coaches hope will rebut the charge that they do not take the issue of concussion seriously.

The programme, known as Activate, is the result of a project by health researchers at the University of Bath and England Rugby. The results, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggest that the exercises can significantly reduce concussion and lower limb injuries.

Researchers followed the progress of 81 men’s community rugby club teams and nearly 2,000 players over the course of a season, during which players performed the programme. Incidence of concussion was reduced by up to 60%, with lower-limb injuries down by as much as 40%. The closer the programme was observed by players, the greater the effect. The best results occurred when teams practised the warm-up at least twice a week.

An increasing number of professional players are having to leave the sport prematurely due to serious injury. World Rugby has introduced heavier sanctions for high tackles. But the efficacy of this policy has been questioned. A recent study of Premiership rugby in England concluded that rates of concussion have gone from 6.7 per 1,000 player hours in 2012-13 to 15.8 in 2015-16 – or one brain injury every couple of matches. Concussion now accounts for 25% of all injuries.

The initiative was launched in September and already hundreds of coaches have signed up for the online resource and face to face training.

Frankly, it should be compulsory and part of the coaching qualifications.


LeWitt’s End

Lell sent me this yesterday, saying that it was 100% blog fodder – she’s not wrong!

This is conceptual art apparently and you have to pay for it – but here’s the thing it may look like a pile of breeze blocks to you, however the breeze blocks aren’t actually included.

What you get is a sheet of paper telling you how to build it, and then you have to go and buy the bricks yourself! No – really!

Once constructed, Sol LeWitt’s Irregular Progression (Griesdorn) comprises 111 concrete rectangular blocks arranged in columns of different heights suggesting a basic architectural framework or perhaps a city skyline. In the simplicity of its design it recalls the modular cubes of the artist’s early Minimalist works, but it is in fact a striking example of the artist’ contributions as a key proponent of Conceptual Art. In line with LeWitt’s earlier wall-drawings first shown at the Paula Cooper Gallery in 1968, the work is subject to the removal of the artist’s intervention in the creative process. The owner of Irregular Progression acquires only the paper certificate, not the sculpture itself, which they then have to recreate according to specific instructions. When the work changes hands their version must be destroyed and the work rebuilt by the new owner.

I’ve just knocked out an Oscar winning film script –

There are two blokes and a Doris

One bloke shoots the other and marries the Doris, who it turns out is a transvestite.

They live happily ever after.

All you have to do is fill in a bit of dialogue, some film directions, the casting, an original music score, art direction and a  shooting script – then send it off to Hollywood (with my name on it, obviously).

Piece of cake – which I am going to send off to Sotheby’s as a conceptual creation symbolising the ‘Bake Off’. A right bargain at £100k!

It’s hardly Rodin is it?




Chief’s on the Line

The fact that Donzo is now completely beyond parody is underlined in the latest Jonathan Pie rant


And here’s another compilation from the campaign that should have been a warning!


His recent TRUMPeting of ‘Made in America’ week is a joke when most of Trump brands are manufactured overseas. As I said, it is beyond parody


Gold Rush

Based on this morning’s performance, the Wallabies haven’t so much turned a corner as won the World Surfing competition on Bondi.

In dreadful conditions both sides made a lot of handling errors, but there was also much to admire both in attack and monster defence.

The Wallabies outscored the ABs by three tries to two – I bet that hasn’t happened for a long time.

Some big performances by both sides – McMahon, Beale, Folau and Genia for the men in gold against Read, SBW, Cane, Ioane and Naholo in Black.

A word also for Wayne Barnes who I thought handled the game well.

The wet meant it wasn’t a classic – but that won’t bother Michael Chieka at all.

Despite the Lions success in the summer and the advances made by the home nations, it would be stupid to write off the Southern Hemisphere sides as they get ready to tour in November.

Bring it on!