A Bolton from the Blue

Hands up all those who had heard of Henry Bolton before his current Doris shot her mouth off online and got caught.


Thought so!

In case you’ve been in a coma for a couple of days, our Henry is knocking about (ha ha) with this Jo Marney Doris. At least he was until a few hours ago.

In order to save his UKIP political career (an oxymoron) he’s given Jo the elbow.

The most hysterical thing that Jo has said is that her comments were ‘taken out of context’ – in just what context did she think that offensive racist remarks are okay for fuck’s sake?

Almost as funny is her suggestion that ‘they were never meant to be in the public domain’ – two things love – sticking stuff online is hardly private and saying you didn’t want everyone to know does not make it alright!

She has form for being offensive online – apart from going with a bloke old enough to be her father.



Super Stuff

Super 15 starts in just over a month and once again there promises to be some big matches.

I haven’t seen all the squads or the pools, but even at this early stage, I find it hard to look beyond the NZ franchises or the Lions in the latter stages

A good ad for the tournament has just been launched –

Bring it on!



Black of Beyond

There is understandable disquiet in New Zealand that another high profile player is destined to head north after the Super Rugby season.

Increasingly (and understandably) there are players who are in (or close to) the All Black squad who are swapping the black shirt for financial security.

In an environment where career threatening injuries are becoming more commonplace, this trend is likely to continue.

This compilation underlines what Wasps will gain at the expense of the men in black –




Mapping it Out

As you may have noticed from my previous posts I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump (or ‘Donzo’ as I affectionately refer to him).

However I have to disagree with all those critics who have accused him of not understanding world politics and the importance of foreign relations.

The White House have just released this new World Map produced by the President – it is clear evidence of both his cartographic skills and his uncanny grasp of diplomacy –


Euro File

Sadly, it’s the last couple of days before Rich, Silvi, Annalia and Rafa head back to Australia – so once more it’s just a couple of quick posts today.

The Champions Cup has reached a critical stage for many teams and the next couple of weeks will sort out who makes the play-offs – some may even be decided this week!

There are huge games for some of the Premiership clubs who all need wins to still be in the mix for the final round. Quins, Northampton and (except for a miracle) Leicester are already out.

So here are my guesses –

Wasps will win at the Stoop

La Rochelle will win on the road in Ulster

Clermont topple Saints at Franklins Gardens

Ospreys fall to Saracens

Chiefs knock over Montpellier

Leinster maintain their 100% record by beating Glasgow

Castres finally put Tigers out of their 2017/8 European misery

Racing hold off Munster

Bath keep Scarlets at bay

Toulon to defeat Benneton

I have gone for 4 away wins – pretty unusual in the Champions Cup.

Still – much TV to look forward to – unless, like me, you’re playing with the grandchildren!