Judge Mental

There have been some interesting comments and decisions from judges over the last few days – good, bad and ugly.

First the good – a female judge was attacked for saying that women are vulnerable if they get drunk. She made this comment whilst jailing a rapist.

God, from the reaction you would have thought she was letting the bastard off!

The actual comment  –

Judge Kushner said rapists targeted people who were vulnerable and urged women to “have this in mind”.

She said: “Girls are perfectly entitled to drink themselves into the ground but should be aware people who are potential defendants to rape gravitate towards girls who have been drinking.

“It shouldn’t be like that but it does happen and we see it time and time again.”

“I beg girls and women to have this in mind.”

She’s not blaming women (as has been claimed) – but giving sound advice. So much so, that the victim actually agreed with her –


Brave girl.

The really bad is the twat judge who let a bloke walk free after he  beat his wife with a cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach.

His reasoning –

 Judge Richard Mansell QC ruled he did not believe the victim was vulnerable as she was ‘an intelligent woman with a network of friends’ and had a college degree.

Passing an 18 month jail term suspended for two years Judge Mansell QC ordered Bashir to attend a workshop entitled ‘’building better relationships’’ pay £1000 costs and banned him from contacting his victim indefinitely under the terms of a restraining order.

‘’But I am not convinced she was a vulnerable person. Sometimes women who moved her from their country become trapped in a relationship where they lose their support network of family and friends and cannot speak the language.

“This is not the case her. She is plainly an intelligent woman with a network of friends and did go on to graduate university with a 2:1 and a masters – although this has had an ongoing affect on her”

Not bleeding vulnerable? Do you think she asked to be hit for 6 and her favourite tipple is a cheeky drop of Clorox Nouveau you fucking moron?

Finally the ugly – some stupid and feeble minded judges actually awarded the ‘Newspaper of the Year’ to the Daily Mail – the fucking Daily Mail for fuck’s sake!

The judges said that in the ‘seismic year’ of Brexit, the Mail was a ‘must-read’ across the political spectrum with a ‘strong and provocative voice’ that dominated the narrative and never wavered.

Who the fuck was on the judging panel? Joey bleeding Essex and fucking Zebedee?

This is the paper that runs headlines like this –

The only worse thing they could have done is to give it to the sodding Daily Express.

For god’s sake people stop reading this drivel – they are comics and frankly nowhere near as good as the Beano!


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