Pie Squared

Airdy sent me this brilliant link to a video from a bloke called Jonathan Pie –


It’s not often I end up pissing myself laughing whilst nodding at the same time – but this bloke really does have everything squared away! The pasty bit is a classic!

He also did a summary of Trump’s first 50 days –


Equally as funny – although scarily accurate.

If you haven’t seen his stuff you’re missing a good laugh – which we could really use today as Article 50 is being triggered (an apt word I think) – I’m just surprised that she didn’t wait until April 1st which would have been far more appropriate.

One more link – Pie’s reaction to the Don’s inauguration – fucking hilarious!


I’d be surprised if I didn’t post more of his stuff in the future – assuming of course that the Chump hasn’t jumped out of his pram and hit the nuke button.



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