Park Life

I mentioned a couple of days ago what a crap driver I am. This extends to when I am trying to park unfortunately and I am frequently in danger of hitting some object (occasionally inanimate) when reversing precariously into a space that would be more than wide enough for a Sherman tank or a monster tractor.

I am not making this up (unfortunately). The fact that there are parking sensors is of no use frankly.

I was pleased to see that I’m not the only one who has a parking problem –

Come on pal – even I know where the bastard handbrake is!

I was once in an open mall carpark in the States – when we came back to the car some twat had parked so close to my door that I had to crawl in from the passenger side. This wouldn’t have been quite so bad if the bleeding car park wasn’t almost empty.

I’m not sure where ‘Donzo’ was there that day – maybe he was in the shop where they knock out syrups!

None of these attempts are actually mine – at least I don’t think so! To be honest I often forget where I parked the bloody thing.


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