Naked Ambition

There’s been a lot of nonsense in the press and on social media with a deluge of complaints about an ad for a travel company in Kazakhstan –

Much of the furore has suggested that the ad was tasteless and unpleasant – have these people even seen the crap that ‘Money’ puts out?

I thought that the attendants were a bit overdressed to be honest – but maybe that’s just me.

My first thought was whether or not these were their official uniforms and do they fly from Bristol?

I’m pretty sure the travel company ‘Chocotravel’ will be delighted with the response – it was undoubtedly their ambition to be controverisal and it worked!

The ad has  been shared on Facebook over 70,000 times and viewed on YouTube some 31,000 times – 31,213 if you include me!

The company have also included a male version – which I frankly found extremely distasteful and degrading!

Although nowhere near as awful as ‘Money Supermarket’s rubbish, obviously.

Still it did give me the opportunity to add another picture of the Doris with the red hat and nice smile.



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