Grabbed by the Ghoulies

A few years back there was a daft newspaper called the ‘Sunday Sport’.

It was investigative journalism at its finest – they found a Lancaster bomber in an unusual place and discovered unknown secrets about the Nazi leader.

If, like me, you are knocking on a bit you’ll also remember the revelations about a rather accomplished simian and where the 36B from Walthamstow ended up.

Sadly this class publication is no longer around – but good news, the Daily Star has taken up the mantle of uncovering things that the Government would rather we didn’t find out.

This major scoop was front page news yesterday

I imagine the FT, Guardian and Independent are kicking themselves for missing this one.

Derek Acorah – a real life Del Boy is a medium and has revealed that the (unknown) Celebrity Big Brother House is haunted by the ghosts of Jade Goody and David Gest (me either).

Shortly after the medium’s arrival into the house, strange orbs and an unexplained mist were spotted floating around him.

It has led to speculation that the spirits of ex-CBB stars Jade and David are trying to get in touch with him.

Clairvoyant Acorah told TV host Emma Willis he would take his spirit guide “Sam” into the house.

The Ethiopian ghost is the one he says connects him with the dead.

Acorah even admitted: “I think the Big Brother house is haunted.”

Acorah – axed from TV show Most Haunted in 2005 after being branded “a fake” – is keen to show he is no fraud.

A Fraud? Surely not!

But it really wants you to strike a happy medium doesn’t it!

Frankly I found the psychic in Phoenix Nights more convincing!



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