Fox the Hunt

Brilliant news – Liam Fox is having none of this EU negotiating nonsense – he wants a hard Brexit!

“I find that hugely condescending. You know, the British voters have had a long time to think about European Union membership and they gave us a clear instruction.

“They didn’t say ‘would you mind thinking about our European Union membership’. They said ‘we ought to leave the European Union’. It’s done, it’s over.

“And those who constantly want to revise the issue, I would give them a dictionary and ask them what they don’t understand about ‘referendum’ and ‘binary’.”

The Eurosceptic MP made it clear that he believes controlling migration is more of a priority than EU trade.

He added: “They wanted us to control our borders. We cannot control our borders when we have unlimited free movement. We gave that commitment, we have to deliver on it.”

This really is splendid comradely news from Liam!

He is absolutely firm that he will not have free movement – I just hope that he also fulfils his promise of £350m a week for the NHS

Or is he chicken? (unchlorinated, obviously)

Luckily for us he is extremely trustworthy




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