Own Goal!

It was revealed yesterday that 70 prisoners were let out of jail last year – by mistake!


More than 70 prisoners were let out of jail by mistake in the worst 12 months for prison safety on record, new figures revealed today.

During 2016/17, 71 people were released from jail who should have been kept behind bars – an increase of seven on the previous high of a year earlier. 

Extraordinarily, people wrongly released are not always pursued and re-arrested, a Ministry of Justice report reveals today. 



Screw: “Hello Basher – what you doing here?”

Basher: “ Blimey, didn’t anyone tell you  – just finished my porridge”

Screw: “Breakfast was over hours ago”

Basher: “What?”

Screw: ”Just a bit of prison humour – lighten the mood, you know”

Basher: “Don’t be a twat – just open the door will you”

Screw: “Are you sure – I thought you were only just starting a ten stretch”

Basher: ”No, it’s okay – time off for good behaviour”

Screw: “What, after you started that riot last week and burned down E wing?”

Basher: “Just a misunderstanding – governor says I can go”

Screw: “Are you sure? You wouldn’t fib to me would you?”

Basher: “Course not”

Screw: “Okay then – you look like an honest bloke”

Basher: “Cheers”

Screw: “See you then – be good”

Basher: “Dick Head!”




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