Affordable (Don’t) Care Act

It appears that there is a really serious funding crisis at the RFU.

Yesterday Nigel Melville stated that Twickenham can’t fund the professional contracts for the Women’s England XV – and he did it with a straight face too!

Melville, the RFU’s Director of Professional Rugby, said: “Our goal is to have full time contracts for XVs and Sevens players but we haven’t got there yet in terms of money available to fund contracts.


Apparently the full-time women’s contracts were initially worth £18,000 and the part-time ones £6,000 per year.

Let’s assume that all 50 were on the £18k (they weren’t) – and for the sake of argument they were to all get £20k next year. That totals £1 million (my maths teacher would have been so proud!)

The RFU made £400m last year, so £1 m equals 0.0025%.

Frankly I’d check on whoever is supposed to be looking after all that dosh!

They manage to play the men £22,000 a game – I have absolutely no problem with that, but to say you can’t fund professional contracts for the women is up there with the bollocks that Trump tweets!


As I say Nigel – you really ought to check on how many homes and cars the accountants have got!


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