Blood Sport

I have an odd blood group – I’m what they call a ‘universal donor’. I’ve also been called a lot of other things that are rather more derogatory – and still am to be honest.

I was a blood donor for about 50 years and clocked up a fair few lost pints – because of my group I also gave up a load of platelets.

Similar to my time on the rugby pitch, I wasn’t that brave and regularly made as much fuss as Tony Hancock.


I am only telling you this as I read an interesting article yesterday about the changes in the rules for giving blood amongst the gay community and sex workers –

Apparently blood can now be given from these groups as long as they haven’t had sex for three months. I don’t belong to either category, but I wouldn’t unfortunately have had a problem if the same rules applied to me.

The one thing that does surprise me though – if a sex worker hasn’t has sex for 3 months then presumably they are unemployed, either that or really not very good at their job.


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