Dan Dares Skulduggery

Dan Ackroyd is worth something over £100 million but is patently a bit of a worrier about his financial security.

He is about to sue a couple of cooks because he says that their sauce bottle is a rip off of the bottle he uses for his vodka – no really!

The sauce is called ‘Bloody Hell Hot Sauce’ and is sold in a skull shaped orange bottle for £12

Dan’s stuff is in a glass bottle that is also shaped like a skull and is knocked out at £350. Apparently it is filtered through diamonds – fuck knows why!

To be honest at that price I’d expect it to come in a real bleeding skull full of blood diamonds.

If Dan is going for a ‘passing off’ claim I would say that he is probably not on a winner – I really don’t think anyone is likely to buy the sauce expecting it to be full of stupidly expensive vodka – well anyone that isn’t in ‘Towie’ or on sodding ‘Love Island’ anyway.


Maybe ‘Ghostbuster’ Dan has been overindulging in his own white spirit.


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