No Quarter Given

I imagine the Brumbies must think it’s their birthday – they come 9th in the overall table after the regular season and are rewarded with a home tie in the quarter final.

The Blues scored more and didn’t even make the play-offs.

Nine other teams won more games – including the Jaguares!

The Force who are still in the frame for being chopped won the same number of games.

Just thought I’d point out the stupidity of the conference format before I make my predictions now that Super Rugby has got down to the business end of the tournament.


The Brumbies are in it because of geography not merit (something we heard a lot about during the Lions tour!).

I suppose the idea was to keep the interest going into the play-offs so that all three SH giants are represented after the regular season.

If there is any justice then Aussie interest will be over tomorrow morning.

It will be a travesty if the Hurricanes (58 points) who have to travel, lose to the Brumbies (34) who are unbelievably at home.

Just to underline to the morons at Sanzaar just how stupid this is, I hope the Canes win by 50+ – in reality I think it will be more like 20.

In Christchurch the Crusaders play the Highlanders in the pick of the round. Both teams are packed with All Blacks and it should be close. I give it to the Crusaders because of home advantage – but by less than 7

The Lions who will retain home advantage through to the final as long as they win, should dispose of the Sharks and be at home for a semi-final against the Crusaders. It is worth noting that after 16 games this will be the first time they have faced a NZ franchise (another triumph for Sanzaar planning!)

The last play-off has the Chiefs (12 wins and 57 points) having to travel to play the Stormers (10 and 43) – every team in the NZ conference have good reason to be a bit miffed.

Again, I want the Chiefs to win because the odds have been stacked against them by the clumsy structure of the competition.

It will be hard for them, but I have the Chiefs by 13.


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