Speed Daving

I really can’t see what all the fuss is about over the Brexit talks.

It all appears to be going swimmingly – in the first round of negotiations the EU refused to discuss any of David Davis’ issues until the rights of EU citizens were sorted.

Undeterred Dave went into the second round of talks yesterday sounding tough and declaring that it was time to stop sodding about –

Brexit Secretary David Davis has called on both sides in the negotiations on the UK’s departure from the European Union to “get down to business”.

Mr Davis was in Brussels to launch the second round of formal talks.

He said his priority was to “lift the uncertainty” for EU citizens living in the UK and Britons living in the EU.

The EU says there must be substantial progress on this – and on a financial settlement and the issue of the Irish border – before trade talks can begin.

Appearing alongside EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Mr Davis said there had been a good start to the process and it was time to get to the “substance of the matter”.

Dave must have really kicked arse at the meeting  – it was all over in under an hour –


A further clue as to how on top Davey boy is, can be seen in the photo from the meeting. Those duffers from the EU have stacks of papers and notes ready for the talks, while Big D and his team obviously know all their plans off by heart.

This really is going to be a cinch – obviously Farage, the Mail and Express were right all along after all!

My apologies.



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