Mr Simple

A guide for all those gullible xenophobes who believed all that Boris Bollox –




And just in case you’re still sure you did the right thing –

How much does the EU COST US?

In 2016 we paid in £13.1bn (discounted from £17bn as per the rebate agreement) and received £4.5bn – a nett contribution of £8.6bn.

Rates fluctuate each year, but last year, based on a population of 65 million (2015 stats) that works out at £123 a year each – less than the TV licence, two months subscription for Sky or 3 tanks of petrol.

About £2.50 a week

Here’s something else to consider. Brexit supporters complain about the burden immigrants place on the state. £19bn in using the NHS, tax credits, benefits etc., but they pay £26bn in taxes so they make a nett contribution of £7bn.

Or in other words, our immigrants nearly cover our membership fees for the EU

Still – you know best dear!



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