Not All Black

Now that the euphoria of the Lions tour has died down a little, it seems reasonable to think about what we learned.

Noises from both Australia and South Africa indicate that following the success of the Lions tour that the All Blacks are vulnerable

It is a fact that no team are invincible – the All Blacks have lost to both Ireland and the Lions in the last year. But if anyone thinks that this means they are no longer the best team on the planet – by some distance – then I think they are in for a rude awakening.

I would put money on the ‘Men in Black’ winning both the Rugby Championship and going unbeaten on their November tour to the Northern Hemisphere.

If anything the Lions may well have done Steve Hansen a favour by knocking out any sense of complacency that may have built up following the long unbeaten run and the 2 World Cup victories.

You can also bet that the AB coaches will have worked out a system to combat the rush defence that gave them some problems with the Lions.

Add in their obvious strength in depth and you’d be an idiot to think they are easily vulnerable

I may be wrong of course but I suspect that when the All Blacks start the Rugby Championship they will prove once again that they are not yet ready to surrender the title of ‘best team on the planet’




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