Beck and Call

There was much controversy in the tabloids this week about the Beckhams holding a party for harper (the daughter not the bridge) at Buckingham Palace courtesy of the grand old Duchess of York.


Frankly who cares?

Of much more interest is Prince Charles planned party for Camilla’s 70th birthday.

According to the Sunday Times today the party is –

‘A black tie affair for 250 of the couple’s closest friends and family’

I don’t think I know 50 people much less 250 – and ‘closest friends?’

Bloody hell, that Chuck gets about a bit doesn’t he?

It gets better – apparently –

‘Only the most loyal, discreet members of Charles inner circle are understood to have been invited’

Where does he usually hold these discreet meetings for his close chums? Wembley Arena?

As for discreet, that knocks out a lot of the Royal family I imagine.

I could meet all my mates in a telephone box – and there would still be room for Harro.


If you think you are mates with Chuck and didn’t get an invite – you must be well chuffed – however you could always console yourself that you might be in the top 251.

Still, it’s obviously not exactly an exclusive a club is it?


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