Open Space

I have just been castigated – which is not what you might think and certainly not as painful!

Our friend Lyn from the States sent this e-mail in response to my post on ‘Little Trump’ (Child’s Play)

From: Lynda
Date: 14 July 2017 at 15:41:55 BST
To: David Shute <>
Subject: Fwd: [New post] Child’s Play

An insult to the Muppets! Henson’s crew is much more clever & smart… use much larger vocab than the Don seems to possess. And why didn’t Mme Macron just slap him?

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She has a point to be fair – the ‘Muppets in Space’ movie could have been about the empty void between Kid Don’s ears

Lyn and Terry took Lell and Rich to the Sesame Street theme park in the early 80’s – they were about 4 and 2 at the time and could still have outsmarted the idiots that now live in the White House!

Dick and I went to a ball game instead – can’t remember if it was the Red Sox or the Yankees – it was hard to tell as they all seemed to be wearing the same striped pyjamas.


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