Dolls House

A couple of months ago I mentioned that some bloke had invented a sex doll that could chat to you, presumably while you were having a quick drag after some mechanical coitus (see ‘Talking Head’s’ post).

My view at the time was that the only real advantage of a silicone valley was that you didn’t have to make small talk afterwards – but then maybe that’s just me.

The pictures weren’t really creepy at all!

There was an additional odd article on the subject of ‘Hello Dolly’ in the press this week –

In Dublin you can now hire a sex robot for about £90 an hour in a brothel. This is about 100 euros I think – although by the time you read this David Davis might have sodded up the exchange rate even further.

I have no experience of Irish brothels (or anywhere else, obviously) but I would have thought the whole point was to get some human interaction. The photo of the doll in question is likely to put you off any sort of action frankly – maybe the establishment has a side line offering deals on Viagra. And in any case -a whole hour? What the fuck (ha ha) do you do for the other 52 minutes?

£90 an hour for a robot also seems somewhat pricey to me although in the words from the ‘Les Miserables’ song ‘Lovely Ladies’

Don’t it make a change To have a girl who can’t refuse”



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