It is Not Raining here also!

I have had some bizarre responses here to some of my posts – the best one coming from a bloke called Tyrone who perceptively pointed out “Your blog is shit”

However even that one has been superseded by a note from Linux – which I assume is a pseudonym not some sort of wild cat or after shave –



New comment waiting approval on rugbyoldbloke blog commented on Shout Out to Sweden_

My tսrn, my turn.? Larry stated еagerly wigglіng to get
an opportunityy tօ talk. ?I think one of the best thing abߋut God is that һe can beat up the devil because the
satan is frightening and imply and ugly and ᥙnhealthy
and God can beat him upp so the satan can?t hurt us liқe he
did those demon filled peplе in Jesus day.

Approve  Trash | Mark as Spam


If it had only ended with ‘Sad’ I would have thought that the ‘Great Donzo’ had become a fan and was breaking off from twitter in the small hours to communicate with me – Covfefe!


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