Deny Everything


NY Times: “Would you like to comment on your meeting with a Russian lawyer last year?”

Trump Jr: “Didn’t happen”

NY Times: “We have some e-mails that confirm it did”

Trump Jr: “Nothing to do with me”

NY Times: “They are from you”

Trump Jr: “Oh – on how many?”

NY Times: “All of them”

Trump Jr: “Oh…. Er right… oh.. THAT meeting”

NY Times: “Yes”

Trump Jr: “Just a minute, I have to send a twitter thingy”

NY Times: “Are you there still?”

Trump Jr: “ er .. yeah – I just released those e-mails for complete transparency on the meeting”

NY Times: “Is that the one you said ‘never happened? – and did you by chance happen to publish page 4?”

Trump Jr: “Dad said I should take the 5th

NY Times: “No worries we’ll print page 4 – So tell us about the meeting”

Trump Jr: “ It never wait – no, it did… but it was absolutely nothing at all to do with getting dirt on the Democratic party

NY Times: “Not even when you wrote “If it’s what you say I love it.” in response to the e-mail from Goldstone telling you the information was “obviously very high-level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr Trump”?”

Trump Jr: “Oh I think that’s the pizza delivery kid at the door – I have to go – and by the way I definitely never told Dad about the meeting”

NY Times: “Is that the one that didn’t happen?”

Sound of phone hanging up.


Seconds later –

Trump Jr: “Pop – I think I may need a bit of help in spinning this one”

Don: “No problem son – it’s a witch hunt. Sad”

Trump Jr: “No dad – for fuck’s sake please don’t send KellyAnne!”



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