Green behind the Ears

I tuned into the radio this morning and thought I’d pressed the button for Radio 4 Extra comedy not Radio 4 News.

Damien Green was promoting Mayhems call for co-operation from the other parties in pushing through her legislation and calling it ‘grown-up’ politics.

In the same breath he then went on to have a go at Labour policies – good one Damien!

Theresa May’s deputy has said the Prime Minister’s call for ideas from other parties is “grown up”, but then went on to attack a string of Labour’s policies.

It comes ahead of a speech in which Ms May will plead with other parties to work constructively with the Government, something which critics say shows how weak she is in the wake of the election.

First Secretary of State Mr Green, Ms May’s effective deputy, said: “Politicians of all parties are invited to contribute their reports, their ideas, that’s a grown up way of doing politics.

“I think a lot of your listeners would think, actually, if politicians just said, why don’t we just do this about a particular national issue, rather than just sit in the trenches and shell each other, then we might actually have better government and that’s what the Government is talking about.”

When asked if this ‘grown up’ attitude would mean the Tories would support Labour on tuition fees and public sector pay he went on the offensive attacking their policies.

So that’s the Tory idea of co-operating is it Damien?

Begging them to support you because you fucked up the election, but refusing to listen to the ideas of others.

No wonder the Tory Brexit negotiations are going so well!



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