Only Tew Can Play

NZRU’s Steve Tew is overly fond of throwing out barbs and petulantly threatening to take his ball away.

His latest is to say that if the Lions tours are no more then he will stop the All Blacks playing in the summer and winter international windows.

Tew said: ‘The fact is when the northern hemisphere comes to us in July, versus when we go north in November, there is an imbalance — but the revenue we bring in when the Lions tour comes around goes some way to even that out.

‘We made it very clear that if the Lions situation changes, the whole thing is at an end. They’re very aware of that. That’s not a threat — that’s just a practical reality.’

Actually Mr Tew, I think that is very much a threat and the problem with it is you have to be prepared not to back down.

His and NZ rugby’s difficulty is that if he cuts them off from those tours then he is left with simply playing the other Southern hemisphere teams in an endless cycle.

It probably doesn’t matter. As I suspect that the Lions may well carry on – especially after such a successful 2017 tour.

Having said that I remain a bit sceptical as to the future and think that making threats – in particular daft ones – is not the way to go about getting what you want.

As I suspect that David Davis, Boris and Liam Fox are about to find out


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