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I have had a go at the New Zealand media for their disgraceful treatment of the Lions in general and Warren Gatland in particular.

One balanced view has come from Gregor Paul, who is a committed supporter of the All Blacks but unlike many is not myopic.

He wrote this piece yesterday –

The sun will still come up on Sunday morning even if the All Blacks lose their test series against the British & Irish Lions.

The world will keep spinning on its axis, clocks won’t stop, tax returns will still be due and Briscoes will be having a sale. Life as we know it, will go on.

As coach Steve Hansen said, the All Blacks have lost before. And they have lost at home before. Several times, but fewer, it is true, than most other nations have suffered the same fate.

And yet, despite the scenario of a test series being tied at one-all being unfamiliar but hardly unprecedented, it seems there is a creeping desire to inflate the drama of how things are poised and what the twin imposters of defeat and victory will actually mean.

Some of that may be due to the perception of imbalance. The Lions have more to gain from victory, likewise the All Blacks will face the longer plunge should they lose.

Only once before have the Lions won a series in New Zealand and having come here with three days preparation, a suicidal schedule and being all but written off after two games, a test series triumph would be an incredible achievement.


Gregor is right – the sun will still rise tomorrow, although  it will be a shit day if the Lions lose, obviously!

There is another Herald writer who isn’t afraid to recognise that maybe the All Black fans could learn a bit from the Red Army – see ‘Lion Tracking’ post below



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