Recovery Position

Queenstown is known as the ‘Adventure Capital of New Zealand’ and is a haven for backpackers looking for an adrenalin rush and to party the night away.

It is also infamous for the dwarf chucking from 2011.

The Lions are there for a couple of days relaxing after the epic win last Saturday.

The ‘Awesome Foursome’ is not a tinder promise but includes jet boating, bungee jumps, chopper rides and white water rafting.

Much has been made in the press of the fear factor of the 134m bungee jump – it can’t be that scary, I did the same one when I was pushing 60 (I did the Kawarau Bridge jump too!)

It really isn’t as scary as it looks

The All Blacks have said that they would rather spend the time training!

However the Lions strength and conditioning coach defended the move –

“We’ve run this blueprint with Warren a couple of times,” said Stridgeon, who is on his third Lions tour and performs a similar coaching role for one of Europe’s leading club sides, Toulon.


Saracens regularly take their players on breaks – it doesn’t seem to have done them too much harm!


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