The Big One

Tomorrow’s test really is the biggest game on the tour.

The Lions are one down – lose and the series is lost. But win and they take it into the final game.

According to just about every pundit Warren Gatland has taken a huge gamble with his selection of the starting XV and the bench.

The changes signal a change in how the lions will play and it is hard to argue that the result will not define the coach and his future prospects of getting the job he desperately wants.

Most predictions have the All Blacks winning by at least 12 – and some by as many as 20+.

The All Blacks have exceptional handling skills and the spine of the team have been together for some years – the odds are in their favour against a group of talented players who have been thrown together for just a few weeks.

However the ref tomorrow is French, the weather is predicted to be filthy and this is the Lions.

Sam Warburton echoed the view that playing in that red shirt alongside the other home nations is the pinnacle of his and every other player’s career.

I believe the Lions will give it everything – the saying ‘die on our feet rather than live on our knees’ seems singularly appropriate.

My head says the All Blacks – but the Lions are where my heart lies.

I pray for biblical weather and some sacré bleu from the men in red.

The Lions by 7


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