Hollow Words

Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t do anything else to show why they are the ‘nasty party’ they surprise you.

After yet another embarrassing U turn on public sector pay there was a vote in the house on the subject.

Predictably they voted down the idea of lifting the freeze on public sector pay.

This after that Tory MPs have been desperate since the Grenfell Tower tragedy to align themselves with the emergency services and to be photographed chatting to the heroes of the hour.

Tory MPs have been falling over themselves to associate themselves with the police officers and firefighters following the terror attacks and fire at Grenfell Tower.

Only last night several Tory MPs were sharing this video of a police officer who tackled the terrorists that attacked London Bridge:

They then voted to continue the pay freeze – but far worse they actually fucking cheered the result!


No surprise then that the emergency services have been quick to react



But the most hollow words came from our esteemed leader –

And the Times reported Mrs May wept in Downing Street as she broke down after giving a speech on the tragedy.

Asked why she did not meet ­families during her 20-minute visit to the scene in West London, Mrs May said she wanted a “briefing from the emergency services”.

She added: “They’ve been working tirelessly in horrific conditions and I have been overwhelmed by their professionalism and their bravery. We thank all our emergency ­services for the incredible work that they have done.”

In a bid to show she did have sympathy for their tower’s residents, she described the stories she had heard as “absolutely heart-breaking”.

So – a great job but not worth more than 1% for the last 7 years eh?

How much did MPs get? Oh yeah – 11% – W⚓️s



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