No Prop Idle

The days when props spent their time walking from scrum to scrum and making up the numbers in the lineout are long gone.

At Askeans we had a prop who would carry fags and matches in his shorts so he could have a quick drag when someone was injured – I sometimes wondered if he didn’t ask a mate to take a dive just so he could get a puff in. I promise you I’m not making this up – the details are in another post somewhere amongst all this nonsense.

In my day biting and Glasgow kisses were almost de rigeur for the low numbers.

Now props are expected to get turnovers, support line breaks and even score – as well as trying to dominate their opposite number in the scrum.

You will have heard of the ‘Tongan Thor’, well there’s another kid in Aussie rugby who could also be playing in Super Rugby – and don’t the Aussie franchises need some help!

Emosi Tuqiri is over 19 stone and is just 16 – he plays schools rugby and is a right handful –



The name may be familiar – Emosi is a cousin of Lote.

Apparently the lad has dropped 10kg in order to get fitter and faster!



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