All Going Spiffingly

Now that the Brexit negotiations have finally started I am delighted to report that it is all going swimmingly – as long as you fancy splashing around in a tank of Great White Sharks that is!

After the strong and stable announcement that we were going to give the EU a damn good thrashing,  David Davies has now admitted that he’s not sure that we will  actually get a Brexit deal –

This after getting a bloody nose on the day when the EU rejected his desire for parallel negotiations out of hand!

This is also the bloke who readily admits he encouraged Mayhem to call the election.

Laughably he also said –

“She’s very good, she takes good decisions, she’s bold, she takes her time – there’s no essay crisis about this government.

“It’s very very very clear that she’s a good Prime Minister.”

There are only four things wrong there – ‘good decisions’, ‘takes her time’, ‘no crisis’ and ‘good Prime Minister’, apart from that, you’re spot on Dave.

Even Brexiteers are changing their minds ffs! –

A leading Brexiter has attacked David Cameron’s decision to call last year’s “vacuous” EU referendum.

Labour’s Gisela Stuart, who was in a minority of the party’s MPs who backed Leave, said the vote last year was “not good democracy” because no one in Government had been ready to implement a vote to leave and the groups that campaigned for it were immediately disbanded.

Still, I’m sure that Mayday knows what she’s doing – after all she’s shown how perceptive she is – and being ‘bloody difficult’ will really help us negotiating with 27 others.

I’m really confident right now that this won’t be a giant fuck up after all.

I’m with the Doris on Question Time who said that we don’t need to know about the negotiations –

“No, no, you’re talking about you as well. You don’t need to know. None of us needs to know, yet, exactly what’s on the table.”

Wendy: “No, because we know we want to get out of it and that’s the most important thing.”

Brilliant eh?



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