Still Shirty

I am still somewhat miffed about the profligate way that Gatland is patently prepared to dish out the Lions shirts – so you can imagine just how apoplectic some of the deserving ones who were so dismissively passed over must feel.

I only return to it because of a monumentally stupid piece that appeared in the Telegraph today –

In this spirit, could the timing of Warren Gatland announcing his replacements have been the perfect deflection tactic?

Well, this is the professional sporting world and if the media and pundits of both television and armchair variety are debating the “controversial six additions” and not the fitness of Owen Farrell or the tour captain not starting the first Test or a misfiring back three, well good for Gatland and the Lions franchise.

They are doing what is done in football all the time, turning attention away from the real areas of worry and doubt, protecting players from the media glare.

These tactics worked. The Lions got their first midweek win of the series against the Chiefs. Both Jack Nowell and Elliot Daly showed why so many had them pencilled into their pre-tour starting XVs.

And that was that, job done. Nice deflection tactics, Warren. 

So bringing in undeserving call-ups was a tactic designed to deflect attention from the squad and allow players to show what they can do on the field?

Oh for fuck’s sake –so, this diversion was needed to let Jack and Elliott to play a bit was it? I wouldn’t mention that if you are within punching distance of either of them, if I were you.

And as for stopping being in the glare of the media – have you any idea of what rugby is to NZ?

It makes the Welsh appear to have only a mild interest in the game.

A complete load of tripe – snubbing top players to get the media away from talking about the squad and injuries? Oh Fuck Off!


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