E Day

The polling stations have been open for some hours now and the final polls suggest that Mayday will win probably with an increased majority. I’m pinning my fading hopes on the fact that the polls got it wrong over Brexit and Trump and are about to suffer a humiliating hat-trick.

Sadly I suspect not.

My biggest fears are for the NHS that is patently about as safe in the hands of the Tories as a subtle joke from Jim Davidson!

Apart from the Naylor Report and the creeping privatisation that has already taken place there is the effect of a hard Brexit from mayhem on the NHS

A recently leaked document has revealed secret government studies into the impact of a hard Brexit, with the Department of Health finding the NHS could be hit by a shortage of more than 40,000 nurses by 2026.

I wonder what else Mayday has to hide  after these findings were revealed by a whistleblower?

There are thought to be dozens of impact assessments already carried out by the Government into its chosen course of leaving not just the EU, but the single market and customs union.

Anyway make up your own minds as to whether you want the NHS to survive a Tory assault.

Just ask yourself this how many Tories do you think have private medical insurance and therefore don’t give a stuff about the NHS?



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