NHS for Sale

Seeing as how there are only two days to go I am going all political again – primarily about the NHS.

In an interview with Andrew Neil Theresa May mentioned that she fully endorses the ‘Naylor Report’.

This report hasn’t had a great deal of coverage during the election which is a bit surprising as it is rather critical with regard to the NHS.

I found this video from a bloke who has bothered to read and digest the long and dull report (his words) – he looks a bit manic, but what he discovered is worth hearing I think –


One thing in the video that is wrong is that the CEO is in fact Elaine Hewitt whose background was as property director for the BT Group – also I don’t understand his reasoning for the NHS incentive to sell off their assets at a discount as this doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

Having said that I find the rest of his argument compelling and one more concern about the NHS being ‘safe in Tory hands’

And if by any chance you’re still confused about where my X will go on Thursday – here’s a clue, I’m with Jonathan Pie –



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