1966 and All That

On June 1st I posted a short piece on the 50th anniversary of the release of ‘Sgt Pepper’ and how it had made a big impression on me and my mates – Denis, Steve and Rib.

The next day Denis called having read the blog – he obviously has a life only marginally more interesting than mine.

We chatted for a long time about stuff and he reminded me that we were at the HMV in Oxford Street when we bought our copies. I’d forgotten that the album came with false cardboard moustaches. I can’t remember if we toddled off wearing these – probably we were pretty stupid even back then.

From the left (circa 1965) that’s Steve, then me (Not the bloke in glasses with glasses), Rib, Pete Collison – then me and Denis (I told you we were all pretty stupid didn’t I?)

Anyway last night on BBC2 Howard Goodall presented a programme on the making of ‘Sgt Pepper’ – the band stopped touring in 1966 and spent 5 months in Abbey Road making the album.

The programme was incredibly revealing – describing the creative influences and innovative development of primitive technologies to create the unique sounds on each of the tracks.

It was fascinating TV and well worth seeing. This link will take you there – you need to sign up to the BBC service first – it’s free and definitely worth it.-




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