Play Time

We live equidistant between Turnip Town1 and TT2, so although I say we live in TT, we actually don’t have residency in either. We live in the suburbs of TT1 and TT2 – so we are itinerants I suppose. I think that means we are grumpy – as would you be if you had to drive behind tractors pulling muddy root vegetables, no matter which direction you head off.

This is largely irrelevant to this post but it does however, help to fill the page.

Last night we headed up the mud track to TT2 (whose actual name sounds a bit rude and is even more derogatory than calling it Turnip Town!

We went to the local market house to see a play.

’21 Pounds a Slave’ had been given a world premiere the previous week at the Everyman theatre in Cheltenham – we’d missed the event because we were a) still in Portugal and b) too mean to pay the higher price that the Everyman charges.

The play is about slavery in Turnipshire (no I didn’t either) and has a cast of just 3 actors.

These 3 are on the stage for the entire 2 hours and play between them 10 different characters. Without set change the play takes place in 4 different locations – including Antigua.

The minimal costume changes also take place in full view of the audience.

Sounds like a bit of a dog’s dinner doesn’t it?

In fact it is brilliant.

The acting, writing, direction and casting are exceptional.

On top of that the Market house is a small intimate venue holding maybe 40 patrons – and the drinks are cheap – my diet Coke was 50p.

The chairs are not the most comfortable (Terry needed 2 cushions) but I guess you can’t have everything.

I don’t know if the play will be touring – if it is, fight to get a ticket!



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