Health Scare

Our family have a lot of reasons to be grateful to the NHS – Terry has benefitted from first class and caring treatment since she was diagnosed some years ago.

The care from those at Gloucester Royal, Cheltenham Hospital, palliative teams and Longfields Hospice has been nothing short of exceptional.

The idea that the NHS and those who work tirelessly in it should continue to be underfunded and badly paid leaves a really bad taste.

I could get very angry here about the lack of cash,  the creeping privatisation and the wage freeze for the staff (when MPs get above inflation increases) – however, Jonathan Pie does it so much better than I ever could –

Obviously you are free to make your mind up as to who you trust to look after the NHS when you vote on June 8th – that is your democratic right after all.

But for fuck’s sake please please don’t vote for Mayday!


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