Unbreakable Farce Field

I did just above average with my Super Rugby predictions in R 14 – 6 correct, a draw and a couple of cock-ups. I was actually better than some of the ‘supposed’ experts though!

I like watching Super Rugby, there is a lot of skill on show – most notably from the NZ franchises – and the excellent TV coverage means that I can stuff myself on the sofa most Saturdays.

You have to take each game in isolation as a fan though, because the format and play-off structure (as I keep saying) is stupid.

It also looks like it could be no better next season as today the ARU suggested that they could still have 5 Australian Super Rugby teams in 2017/8 –


If that happens, no doubt the SA union may not feel that cutting two of their sides is fair or reasonable.

As it stands this year the play-offs will be as follows –

Crusaders (59 points) v Sharks (42)

Lions (56) v Chiefs (42)

Stormers (30) v Highlanders (45)

Brumbies (28) v Hurricanes (48)

How is it that the 4 away teams have more points than two of the sides given home advantage? The answer is of course the stupidity of the conferences.

Even the Lions have had an edge so far – having not had to play a NZ team – their remaining fixtures before the quarter finals are the Sunwolves and the Sharks. By contrast their likely opponents the Chiefs will have had to play all 4 of the other NZ franchises to qualify.

The Brumbies have so far won 5 from 12 and they are likely to be at home to the Hurricanes who have won 10 from 12.

In terms of the fairness of the cull, the elephants on the pitch are the Sunwolves – who are 1 from 12 this season and 2 from 27 from all their Super Rugby games! Plus a draw of course – mustn’t forget that!

For a genuine competition everyone should play everyone else – home and away and the top sides qualify for the play-offs.

For god’s sake – go back to the Super 12 and have a second tier if absolutely necessary.

Still you know best dear!




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