Talking Heads

I am a big fan of technology and use Facetime, WhatsApp and Twitter – Terry and I even have a Facebook page, although we rarely post anything and use a pseudonym. This is to avoid random idiots we’ve never heard of asking to be our best friend.

I confess I have no idea how all that stuff works but am just pleased that we can talk in real time to Annalia and Rafa when they are 10,645 miles away playing on swings (or falling off in Rafa’s case).So tecno stuff is brilliant.

As you may have gathered I’m not averse to the odd bit of porn as my frequent references to ‘Debbie does Dallas’ would attest. In fact thanks to YouTube you can see the full movie whenever you feel the need!

There are however some limits I think.

Some bloke is now using advanced technology to knock out sex dolls that are programmed to chat to you!


They are also scarily lifelike as you can see from the photos.

They are somewhat more sophisticated that the ones from the past (so I’m reliably informed anyway!)

The idea that you can have a fag and a chat after – well, anything – seems a bit creepy to me.

I just hope he’s added an ‘off’ button so that you don’t have to talk about getting a new sofa or how average your performance was!



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