The Wasp Factory

After the excitement of the incredible finish at Sandy Park I was expecting less of a close battle at the Ricoh.

Shows you how much I know!

Just after Wasps had gone 10-0 up my prediction of a comfortable home win was looking sound.

So I was pretty relaxed when Farrelly phoned from the hospitality suite at Wembley. He was with a bunch of other Lions fans (⚽️ not🏉) who were celebrating promotion with some gusto (which is a sort of strong liqueur I think).

The discussion was, as usual, somewhat incomprehensible (from both sides) although Sarah (one of Farrelly’s lovely daughters) was patently more compus mentors than the rest of them.

I got back to the rugby about the same time that the Tigers got back in the game.

A further interruption came in a series of predictably abusive texts from Harro ( who else?)

The gist of these was 1) weren’t the Chiefs outstanding 2) he’s now heading to Twickenham next Saturday 3) he’s really not a fan of Leicester (expressed far less eloquently) 4) he wasn’t drinking because his liver took a right bashing in Edinburgh last weekend and 5) I’m still a total twat apparently.

I stopped replying as it doesn’t do to encourage the silly sod.

In the match Wasps dropped more simple passes and butchered more tries in 78 minutes than they had in the previous 22 matches of the regular season.

I was beginning to think that they’d never get over the line whilst still managing to hold on to the ball and that both my semi final predictions would be wrong.

Then they finally put it together with just a few minutes left and are rightly in the final next week.

Joe Launchbury was once again Man of the Match and the watching Eddie Jones must have been chuffed that he is available for Argentina – although I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he ends up in Auckland.

Eddie will have been less pleased to see big Nathan Hughes limping off – he also had a big game.

If the final is half as good as the 2 semis then it will be a hell of a game next week.


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