A Degree of Madness

For some odd reason graduation ceremonies in the States quite often turn into the equivalent of a meeting between Blokes in silly red coats and hunt saboteurs.

Perhaps the parents are so chuffed that their offspring managed to get through college without getting excluded that they went on the pop straight after breakfast – 


Lell’s graduation was a bit more civilised but wasn’t without incident.

We took my Mum along to see it and we were all somewhat surprised when the bloke in charge announced that the whole ceremony would be conducted in Latin.

I thought this should have been a cinch for me as I had studied Caesars Gallic Wars at school but then I remembered that in the mock O level I only got 7 marks – 3 of which were for spelling my name right.

Mum hadn’t heard the Latin announcement as she had been a bit deaf for a while.

The calm silence in the hall kept being broken by Mum yelling loudly (as deaf people do) – “What’s he saying David? I can’t understand what’s going on!”

Terry of course just pretended that she wasn’t with us as half the assembly turned to see what the noise was all about

I got my own back when Terry got her Masters from the OU – under strict instructions to be  dignified as she walked onto the stage, I naturally jumped up whooping and hollering like a banshee.

She began talking to me again about 3 weeks later -so a win win for me!

It really is a mad grad world!


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