A Bit Ritch

Ian Ritchie, Chief Exec of the RFU announced yesterday that he is retiring.

Good luck to him, although I was somewhat surprised to hear that he doesn’t regret appointing Stuart Lancaster as head coach for the England team.

As anyone who has had the misfortune to listen to my ravings from the time that SL was given the job will know, I certainly regret it!

I banged on at the time about the mistake of ignoring the internationally combined team of Nick Mallett and Wayne Smith who were in the frame for it.

Would they have made much of a difference in 2015?

Maybe, maybe not – we’ll never know.

But with their combined international experience I can’t believe we would have become the first host nation to fail to get out of the pool stage.

It is somewhat ironic that Wayne Smith has also just announced his retirement as an All Blacks coach. How was he not good enough in Ian Ritchie’s opinion for England?

To be fair to Ritchie he did eventually get a top international coach – one who has taken us from 8th (after the WC debacle) to the current 2nd.

IR was well rewarded for his time at the RFU – maybe that’s why he doesn’t regret making the biggest mistake ever for England fans!


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