Pro & Cons

Despite the continuing problems demonstrated by the expansion of Super Rugby there is talk of growing other leagues by adding more international teams.

Increasing the number of teams in the Pro12 is not a new idea but it seems to be getting more traction right now.

The attempt at building a North American League failed but the suggestion is that a Houston based side could be added to Pro12 –

There are lots of problems with this, not least travel costs and potentially a lack of interest from broadcasters because of the time difference. Be interesting to see if it is progressed as a viable option.

Of more interest I think is the news from South Africa that the culled Super teams – likely to be the Cheetahs and the Kings – could be added to make a Pro14 competition.

This would make more sense all round and whilst travel costs remain an issue the time difference is not. If a broadcaster can be persuaded to stump up additional cash this could be a goer.

The possibility of a SA team then qualifying for the Champions Cup is intriguing.


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