High Risk

A story coming out of New Zealand highlights the increasing serious risks in rugby at all levels –


A young player has had to be put into an induced coma following a collision on the pitch.

There was no indication of how the injury occurred and you just have to hope for the best for the lad and his family.

I have to say that watching the professional game I am surprised that there aren’t even more serious head and neck injuries. The clearing out at rucks and breakdowns has started to look a lot like American Football – but with no protective head and neck gear.

Players are taken out off the ball (mostly legally) with both attackers and defenders leading with their heads and shoulders.

Professionals have the benefit of strength conditioning, but at grass roots and school level they rarely do.

I’m not sure what, if anything, can or needs to be done but I do wince when you there are huge players diving into rucks to take out those trying to protect the ball.


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