High & Mighty

Interesting story today about the Irish Union looking to find a ‘big kid’ to hand over the Irish bid for the 2023 World Cup –


I thought at first the headline meant that they were looking to find seriously big nippers who they could groom to become top players – a sort of response to the increase in eligibility rules announced last week by World Rugby.

Ireland have in fact announced that they will be searching for players with a hereditary qualification & have recruited Joe Lydon to lead it. It’s a role he used to do when he worked with England.

Meantime Eddie Jones has said that he is looking to have bigger backs for the 2019 World Cup – 


Back in the 70s Chunky put ads on the sports pages of local papers asking for any big bastards who wanted to learn rugby to come along to Askean.

I don’t remember any turning up -maybe they failed the Chunky ‘must also be a nutter’ test.

Easy to see why it might have been a good idea – most of our forwards weren’t anywhere as big as your average international winger.


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