Weight Lifting

The government response to the expanding (ha ha) obesity problem appears to be to stick thrupence on stuff with soft drinks with lard in and to stop ads for kids grub packed with porky stuff before 9pm at night.

This has been brilliantly successful as you can tell if you wander round a shopping centre or see a load of fat bastards queueing outside a fast food gaff at 9.30am to get a super sized chubby all day breakfast porky special deal.

A further measure (again ha ha) is the introduction of tailor made ambulances – 


So hundreds of 000’s of dosh have been spent on vehicles to cope with super sized fatties eh?

Admissions of these chubs has increased from 52,000 in 2006 to 520,000 ffs!

Call me a cynical bastard but I’m really not convinced that all this is glandular.

Surely it would be cheaper to get a fleet of tractors to get porkers to A & E or better still buy them all a fucking mirror.

With so much demand for these fat bastard ambulances I’m going to invest in my own tractor so I can be munching lard burgers while they cart me off to Turnip Town General.

Proper Job!


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