Final Decisions

The culmination of the European Cups is tonight and tomorrow in Edinburgh.

Both games are a sort of rehearsal for the World Cup and Brexit as they involve England v France -except for the bun fight on Brexit we’ll get some help from the a lot of the Welsh, some Irish and the entire population of Jockland. Maybe that’s also why the games are in Edinburgh.

I was going to take an objective view of the finals and consider the team selections, current form, weather conditions, travelling support and the price of  a pint of 80 shilling in the stadium.

But fuck it – I’m going for Gloucester tonight (by 13) and Saracens by 17 tomorrow evening.

I’m more confident about Saracens but hope that Gloucester play like they did when they became the first team to knock over La Rochelle at home this season.

We are likely to get stuffed over Brexit but let’s hope we get a double over the weekend & a result in 2019!

Pasties and Irn Bru at the ready guys.


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