Gore Draw

There was a sort of déjà vu at the draw for the World Cup in Kyoto this morning with England once again lumbered in the ‘Pool of Death’.


Argentina and France will be tough opponents in Pool C – and to be fair neither of them will be all that chuffed to be in the same group as England.

The other three home nations will almost certainly qualify for the quarter finals in either first or second place – however it would not be smart to discount Japan – after all every home nation has got through the group stage – well all except one!

You would be dumb to write off the other two in the group as well – most probably USA or Canada and Fiji or Samoa.

No doubt Eddie and the RFU will put a brave face on it and insist that it is good to have faced hard games before the knockout stages – which of course assumes we don’t get another 2015 catastrophe.

I was a bit disappointed with Bill when he shoved us in the worst group – did he learn nothing from watching Sepp organise the host nations for the football world cups?



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