The Kit Parade

When we went on the Lions supporters’ tours to Australia and New Zealand Gullivers sent us a bag of goodies. This included branded anoraks, fleeces, sports bag and various other things.

We got pretty excited to get the swag and this built up the anticipation a couple of weeks before we headed off.

The stuff that was handed out to the Lions squad at the admin day yesterday at Syon House was nothing short of incredible. I got a little hard on just reading about it.

This is the list –

  • Training Jersey
  • Superlight Poly Tee
  • Training Short
  • Training Sock
  • Vest top
  • First layer top
  • Gym Short
  • Fleece Short
  • Polo t shirts
  • Full zip hoody
  • Training T-shirts
  • Fleece bottoms
  • Crew Sweatshirt
  • Slim fit tracksuit pant
  • ¼ zip top
  • Gilet
  • Presentation Jacket
  • Presentation trouser
  • Storm Jacket
  • Beanie
  • Cap
  • Contact Top
  • Rain Jacket
  • Contact Pant
  • Large Holdall
  • Medium Holdall
  • Boot Bag
  • Gym Bag
  • Backpack
  • Large Wheelie Bag
  • Hoody
  • Base layer top
  • Base layer leggings
  • Base layer shorts
  • Gym Socks
  • Gloves
  • Allocation of Thomas Pink formal wear

I couldn’t see any mention of boots and this may pose a bit of a problem before the first game if no one else has noticed!

The last item which simply says ‘formal wear’ is a bit of a throwaway as it includes suits, velvet jacket, casual wear, pants, socks, shoes, ties and loads of other gear – as one of the squad commented “I’ won’t need to go shopping for about 10 years!”

Mind you he does look about as interested in clothes as I am.

When we were in Australia in 2001 Robbo was with us (Andy Robinson’s brother). Andy was one of the coaches on the tour and Robbo visited the training camp on at least one occasion. He returned loaded with official training kit that he said was in huge dump bins for the team to help themselves.

I think Harro lifted some of it from his bedroom, but never shared any with me – bastard!

I hope that the Lions management send at least a few of the items to Ben Youngs – think it would be a nice gesture.





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