Repeat Prescription

The Askean dinner turned out to be a carbon copy of every other one I’ve had the pleasure of attending over the last few years – each of which has been reported here.

They are always a delight and I’m glad to say that most of the usual suspects pitched up.

I was a bit annoyed that hardly any of them have aged as much as I have over the last year and had to spend most of the evening breathing in and holding my head at an unnatural angle in order  to try and reduce the number of chins on display at any one time (in fact just one would have been good).

Lell facetimed me just as I was in the middle of telling the story of the umpteen tries I scored in the 150-3 Kent Cup win – those around me looked very relieved.

Lell’s message consisted mostly of reminding me to take some photos “to lessen the boredom of your blog, Dad” was roughly what she was on about.

So I went round snapping a few pics and have scattered them here. The more astute of you will no doubt be impressed that I created some moving memes amongst the shots – obviously I have no idea how – it was entirely unintentional – it is a new phone for fuck’s sake.

You will also notice I didn’t include any selfies – I have no desire to underline my own ‘tempus fuckit’ or to make the others look even better by comparison.

As you will see, several of the guys, notably Chas and Chunky, appear to still have a decaying self-portrait hidden away in the attic.

It was great to catch up with Boney, Locks, Lunny, Chunky, Chas, Ian J, Bill, Paul W, Alan E, Bob N, Sean Mac, DK, Barry M and probably many others.

If you were there and I have forgotten to mention you – one, I apologise and two – what the fuck are you reading this nonsense for?

Barry M is a lay preacher or a closet vicar or something and he was invited to do Grace (not a Doris).

This turned out to be the best I’ve heard at the dinner – he wanted us to say thanks for the food when so many are hungry, for friendship when so many are lonely and for rugby, when so many twats play football – good one Barry, only time I’ve heard the Grace get a laugh.

Club captain AJ reported on a reasonable season and it was good to see the enthusiasm and commitment that the current players have towards Askeans. They are also keeping up the long standing tradition of the club being inhabited by complete pissheads – good job guys!

Boney and Bill articulately spoke about something or other and we all clapped enthusiastically so I guess it was probably quite important.

The highlight of every Askean dinner was, as always, Lunny’s speech – no notes, a completely relaxed chat off the cuff (where there were also no notes – I checked).

Unfortunately I can’t remember any of his anecdotes (no surprise there) – anyway, I was too busy pissing myself laughing.

I got away around half eleven and was back at Frank and  Petula’s in under an hour – Terry of course was fast asleep!


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